The Art Of Negotiation

The negotiation process begins with my rules.  These are the rules and guidelines I use to manage my business according to my needs and interests.  They are designed to ensure that the business relationships I accept result in my company remaining a financially viable enterprise.  My company can pay its operating expenses, create a cash reserve for future development and investment and, of course, pay me.

Your rules add depth to the negotiation process because you will want to ensure that your company remains financially viable as well.  Your rules may be more or less defined than mine, but they need to be considered in order for us to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Our rules represent compromise.  The goal is to compromise those rules on either side that will impede or stop the development of a business relationship.   Neither of us will be completely happy with the outcome but once the contract is signed we can move forward.

Their rules can change everything.  By their rule I mean the laws, rules and regulations of city, county, state, national and even international governments.  Whether we like them or not, we have to at least take them into consideration, especially since there are often lawyers involved at some level.  

Negotiation does not need to be adversarial or confrontive.  If it ever moves in that direction, the first best solution is to walk away.

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