Seven Principles For Living

Your business is what you say it is.

Think like an entrepreneur.  Don’t go looking for jobs, create clients.  Better money, greater self-respect and a healthier lifestyle.

Develop a business that pays its operating expenses, sets aside cash  for future investment and, of course, pays you a nice income.

Energy flows where attention goes.

What do you want for your business and lifestyle.  More often than not, both are defined by the money you earn (which can be defined as a form of energy).   Look at the kind of life you want to live, do the math and then develop a strategy to get there.

A focused mind, coupled with imagination can be a powerful motivator for change.

There are no limits.

A business can grow to enormous proportions and can become an international enterprise.  The only real limits come from the expectations of the owner(s), their interests, temperaments and goals.

Even a small so-called mom & pop operation can have an international following, depending on the product and how well its sold to the marketplace. 

Limits only exist by choice.

All power comes from within.

What you know and how well you know it determines what comes next.  Self-education can lead to self-confidence, self-assurance and a depth of skill.  The depth of that skill, applied effectively, can be transforming.

Now is the moment of change.

Where ever you go, there you are.  You are always at the center of your perception of the world you experience.

You may get one chance to make a difference every day.  Why waste it?

Love is the keystone that keeps everything together.

Its been said that water seeks its own level.  Those who truly love what they do create a kind of magnetism.  Others want to come along to see what they can learn and experience.

Loving the journey is a commitment to develop your self-respect, self-assurance and character.  To the degree you set the example, others will see the value of what you do.

Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

Money is a scorecard, nothing more or less.  It is a black and white measure of how well you live your life, personally and professionally.

Money can also be a measure of your personal character.  Do you say what you do and do what you say as much as humanly possible?  Do you respect others and see them as valuable, intelligent contributors to the flow of life?

Even when money is not in the picture, what you do in life is not as important as HOW you do it.

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