Rate Chart

This list represents the projects I accept.  If it’s not on this list, I don’t do it.  Don’t ask.

All projects require the following:

**Fifty-percent, non-refundable retainer before any work starts.

**A clearly written contract that outlines the scope of the project.

**All rates include research, development and first and second drafts.

Direct mail campaign:  Includes a sales letter, postcard and landing page.  $2,500.

Email campaign:  $2,000 per month, six-month minimum.

Radio or TV commercials:  $2,0000 per spot for three or more ads.

Web landing page:  $2,500 to $4,500 depending on the complexity of the project.

Web content:  $1,500 per month for four-to-eight articles.  Minimum six-month agreement.

I do not and CANNOT guarantee the success of any campaign.  There are too many variables that are out of my control.

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