I don’t like to fly. I especially don’t like to fly when air traffic controllers are not being paid bor another irresponsible government shutdown. The longer the shutdown goes on, the greater the stress on these professionals, who are already in a highly demanding, stressful situation.

While its unlikely to happen, all it takes is one miscalculation and over three-hundred people could lose their lives. And all because no one in congress can work out a deal.

Shutting down the government because no one wants to work out an intelligent solution has become way too easy. Whether the individual who instigated the shut down is proud to take on the mantel, it doesn’t matter. A shutdown that has even the slightest potential to impact public safety – especially those who fly – is irresponsible.

Is there any outrage? No. I sent a story suggestion on this subject to a TV journalist I know. No response. Too non-PC for the company that employs him.

Is there a solution? Yes. Let every congressman and senator know that, as a nation, we’ve had enough. Other nations, regardless of their political disagreements keep their governments funded 24/7 because it’s the responsible thing to do.

Looking at this from a marketing point of view, we are selling the idea to the world that we don’t know how to keep our house in order. Partisan politics are more important.

I can’t speak for other world governments, but I wonder if they roll their eyes and even sneer a little when congress decides to act like a grade school bully who takes his ball and runs home so no one else can play.

Yes, this is commentary. Yes, l will probably get snarky emails. So what!

Those who think logically, may just agree with this column. Those who think with something else …well, like I said, I’ll get emails.

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Marketing Is About Making Connections

The best clients to work with are those who have a clear vision. They know their market, who they are, what they want, how they want to be sold and what is needed to convert them to ongoing buyers. They make copywriting easy and comfortable.

Then there are the clients to are convinced that their way of marketing is the one and only way to go. Then they wonder why there are no sales.

They make the copywriting process …interesting.

Customers know what they want from a product. When they get what they expect, sales resistance is low cooperation is high. They will be so satisfied, they will tell their family and friends who, when treated as they expect, will become long-term customers as well. This can reduce the cost of marketing significantly because of the power of word of mouth advertising.

Marketing is not a test of wills. When the owner of a business refuses to cooperate with the marketplace, the market usually wins. In one of the companies I worked for, there was a saying on the wall: “When a customer likes your product, they tell three people. When they don’t like your product, they tell nine.”

Understanding the marketplace is an ongoing learning process because, when new products come on the market …well, we all like shiny new things.

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The Idiots Guide To Destroying Competition

How do you destroy your competition?  Improve the value of your product or service and market to buyers who agree with the quality of the product you are selling.  And, because your product has value, price it accordingly.

Suppose you own a hotel with recently renovated, beautiful rooms and there is a hotel down the street from you that doesn’t have the same quality of accommodations.  Let’s also say you want to put that hotel out of business.  Do you chase rates, lowering yours to make your hotel more attractive from a price point of view?’

No!  Don’t walk over dollars to chase pennies.  It’s a race you won’t win. You only cheat yourself oucot of an excellent opportunity to make money effectively.

Research similar properties, determine the best average price and then market to those whose tastes and expectations match the quality and value of your property.  Think and market value, always.

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What Is A “Niche” Market?

I have a friend whose products revolve around a specific niche market.  Among them are:


***Web design (Divi and WordPress)


***Cyber Security for small and medium sized businesses

***Computer repair

All of these products are connected in some way and can be marketed separately, or as a complete package.  At the moment, his customers can “cherry pick” the products they want to buy which, while convenient for them, is a financial and logistical challenge for my friend.

His niche is small and medium markets, those that larger companies tend to ignore.

I’ve recommended that he combine all his products into one, all-encompassing package that is financially viable for both parties, while limiting his direct interaction with clients to consulting and training.

He can augment his income by contracting with copywriters, graphic artists, photographers and other creative professionals who can provide more specific products for his client base.  

A niche market, in practice, is a hub around which other businesses can benefit.  That is how small companies become larger and more diverse.

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Stay “First In Mind” For The Customer

There is a company in Boise, Idaho that specializes in products designed for the high desert environment.  Products that the “big box” stores don’t sell or, if they do, their staff lacks the expertise to advise the customer effectively.

They run a lot of commercials on the highest rated radio stations, especially during afternoon drive time when people are driving home and thinking about what they might to for their lawn (or for their pets – especially dogs.)

The goal is to keep their company and its products “First In Mind” for the consumer as they are driving home.  

This concept applies to all products on some level.  The more a company promotes its products, the greater the potential for a long-term business relationship that can last for years. 

To create this connection, the marketing method needs to be continuous.  Daily radio or TV spots, regular email or postcard campaigns can work well to create and maintain a business relationship.

And, once begun, marketing never stops.  There is always going to be attrition as new, shinier products come on the market.  In other words, constantly market for new customers and re-connect with those who have left.

Marketing is as “easy” as A B C.  Always Be Closing.

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Market First! Fun Second.

Redd Foxx was an entertainer whose shows could be quite explicit.  When he worked Las Vegas, however, he did three different shows a night.

The first show was tame.  No swearing or blue language because it was performed early in the evening.  The second show was more resque with saltier language and more adult content,  The third show all hell broke loose.

What does that have to do with marketing?  

Know your audience, what they want, what they expect and what they will tolerate.  Don’t assume anything, if the goal is to make sales.

In direct marketing, the bottom line is closing sales.

I shared a mistake I made when I wrote an ad for a pet store.  I was going for a laugh, not a sale.  I didn’t research the market deeply enough to really understand what a dog lover wants, expects and will tolerate.

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