Business Concepts

 What are the “Evergreen” concepts that are part of every business?

First of all, developing a business follows a self-correcting process made up of four general steps:

  1. Create or acquire the rights to a product or service at the lowest cost/risk possible..
  2. Protect your interest in the product with the appropriate legal documents.
  3. Market the product to prospects who need the product and have the financial resources and authority to act (make a purchase.)
  4. Expand the marketing of the product to meet the needs of the largest marketplace possible.

Second, a business grows through the entrepreneurial skill of the owner:

  1. What do you know about your product and how it will benefit your target market,  The deeper your understanding of the product, the greater your ability to market it effectively.
  2. Who you know.   These are your strongest supporters, willing to open the door of opportunity.  They can create the financial foundation for your business.
  3. Who knows you by reputation.  Do you say what you’ll do and do what you say?  Do you deliver on time and on budget? 

Finally, the keystone (what keeps everything together) is an understanding of leverage.  More to the point, leveraging your knowledge of the product and its market, your  skills as a marketer  and ability to learn and adapt to the ebb and flow of business.

  1. Start with the smallest investment possible, $500 will do for this example.  Focus on the time, energy and effort needed to make the all-important initial sales.  
  2. Leverage the financial result by  factor of 1500 to 5000-percent for a $7,500 to $25,000 ongoing monthly or annual cash flow.  (Yes, its possible with the right product and marketing.)
  3. NO SELLING!  Feed the hunger of the marketplace for a financially viable solution to their problems.  The stronger the connection to the needs of the marketplace, the lower the sales resistance.
  4. While there is the potential to make a lot of money on the Internet, the most viable business opportunities are right outside your door.  The Internet can enhance marketing and money management processes, but a one-on-one relationship is still the strongest and longest-lasting business model.

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