A Simple Business Model That Works

Build and/or acquire an email list that is targeted to the market you want to reach and publish updates on a regular schedule.  Short, 200-300 word entries sent on a daily basis works best in order to keep your product “first in mind.”

Sell to the list and build a buyers list, making note of what they buy, for how much and whether it is a one-off purchase or ongoing subscription. 

The buyers list can even be broken into levels, depending on the buying habits of the subscribers.  A Platinum list buys the most product at the best price, followed by Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Sell them something else!  

Whether the ad campaign is on radio, TV, in newspapers, magazines or billboards, the keystone is repetition.  Staying in touch daily creates trust and the potential for a long-term business relationship.

Finally, depending on the product or service, its entirely possible to earn a comfortable five and even six-figure income from  one-thousand regular subscribers (sometimes a few as 200.)

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