A Quiet Thanksgiving

My wife and I are having a quiet Thanksgiving,, this year. Most of our family lives in Idaho, but this year we decided to stay home, curl up with chips, candy and a small meal and watch football and lots of old movies.

We have decorated our home with a large Snoopy sock, a small Christmas tree and a Poinsettia. The latter is a Christmas tradition for us and I always look forward to the time we get to enjoy it.

i also have a metal sculpture of Mount Rainier, which I have adorned with Christmas lights.

Yes, this Thanksgiving will be quieter than usual. I think I will be most thankful for the calm and quiet of my little home.

Thankful For Being Alive

Several weeks ago I collapsed at work. I’m told I was lucid enough to call my boss on my cell phone, but I have no memory of the experience. I also remember a guest asking for keys. Beyond those two experiences, the next thing I remember is waking up in the emergency room.

Sometime during that night they scanned my brain. I asked for an 8×10 glossy picture but didn’t get one. I don’t think they found anything.

I took some time off to work out what I want to do next. One possibility is buying a first-run movie theater in a small community. I have started negotiations, but I have no idea if what I have in mind will work. If it comes to pass, I will share the adventure in this blog.

Why try to buy a business and just not retire? I don’t know how to retire. Its not in my nature. I need some kind of challenge, even if its writing a thirty-second radio spot. It is not in my nature to curl up on a shelf and gather dust.

I am also going back to daily blog posts. Some will discuss the copywriting business, others will follow my exploits as an active seventy-something “Boomer”.