Creating a business can validate who you are.  You can share your talents, skills, pesonal experiences and accumulated knowledge with those who want to share your journey and are willing to pay you along the way.

Most of us have some kind of talent.  It can be something specific, like acting, writing, carpentry, etc.  It can also be the capacity to learn something new easily and quickly.  Whatever your talent or skill, build a business around it, full or part-time.

Working at a 9 to 5, while necessary to pay the bills, is not always fulfilling.  You are there to do a job according to the rules of the game set down by management.  If you are fortunate, the job can be fun, interesting and even profitable, but who you really are may not be allowed to grow and develop.

I have a friend in Boise, Idaho who worked for a major corporation for several years to pay the bills.  He ran a side business, consulting small and medium-sized businesses about cyber security.  While he had the knowledge and experience, the company he worked for would not consider giving him a chance to use his expertise because he didn’t have the necessary degrees.

When he retired, however, he moved into the cyber consulting business full-time, based on his personal reputation and has developed a substantial client base.

Is starting a side business easy?  Its like anything else we do in life.  Its as easy as we make it.

Starting small, making connections and developing a scalable business model is the best solution.  Create a list of 100 to 200 passionate supporters, people who will buy your products consistently, then build that relationship into a multi-million dollar project (if that’s how far you want to go.) 

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