What do you like to do?  Cook, enjoy wine, travel, review movies?  What, after a hard day at work, reignites your imagination?  That subject, whatever it is, is the key to creating a lifestyle business. 

Speaking only for myself, at the moment, I have a love of the Pacific Northwest, its history, its people and its future.  I’ve lived in several cities throughout my journey, here, and have loved every experience, good, bad and otherwise. 

Ask me about my time in Medina, Washington and I’ll tell you about the late John Frost, who owned the local store.  Ask me about my time at Bellevue (Community) College and I’ll tell you about the late Dr. Willard Geer and his color picture tube.

How about my time in Vietnam?  Most people there could speak their own language and French.  While not great at speaking either language, I managed to get my ideas across.  Of course, I would I just happen to meet the one person in the entire country that insisted on speaking German (it didn’t matter, the generator blew up anyway.)

Then there are also the local special events.  For example, Port Orchard has the annual Seagull Calling event.  I tried it one year and kept getting the message “the voice mail is full and cannot accept any more messages.”  I also got lots of busy signals (who could Seagulls be talking to for three hours?)  I finally gave up.  Maybe next year.

My point is simple.  Depending on your passion, there are hundreds and, perhaps, thousands of stories.  Take pizza.  How may ways can pizzas be made depending on locations, cultures and personalities?  How about eggs?  Are there really one-hundred ways to cook them?  Sharing your passion for these subjects could turn into a financially viable lifestyle business.

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