I just bought a new domain with the idea of turning it into a positive and creative challenge.  This whole thing started one morning when I woke up with a brainstorm.  I started listing all the domain names I could think of that would have stories attached to them.  A lot of them were Seattle neighborhoods I lived in, like west Seattle, Bainbridge Island or Port Orchard.  In all came up with something like thirty-five different domain names.

What I wanted was a domain name that would open the doors to almost unlimited story ideas.  After searching all kinds of domain names, I finally found one that is all-inclusive, at least as far as where I live is concerned.  And, while I wanted to still write about all the smaller neighborhoods of the Puget Sound region, my webmaster pointed out that I could get the same results with subdomains that were connected to the main website, saving me a lot of time, energy, effort and especially money.

I now have a domain name that allows for almost unlimited story ideas and advertising potential.  I can now write stories about events, locations and people throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho, since this is where I live.  Of course, if a story comes along about an event, city or person in California, Nevada, Utah (or anyplace else for that matter) I can share that, too.

At this writing, the new domain and website is not active.  My webmaster is sending me samples of ideas for my review.  I am looking forward to launching a few stories on July 4th, 2019, but that is just something on my wish list at the moment.

Why this project?  I don’t know how to retire, and I like to write.  I also like to travel.  I will tell you more as things develop over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.

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