Is it possible to make a comfortable side income with just ten customers?  Yes.  The business model is similar to the one used by cell phone companies (or any utility company for that matter).

For the moment, let’s focus on cell phone companies.  Their product fills a basic human need to communicate.  The prices they charge depend on the specific needs of the customer.  Businesses, of course, pay more than the average consumer.  In other words, the greater the need for the service, the higher and more complex the rate structure.

Now, let’s apply the same concept to a copywriter who produces copy for a monthly newsletter for several clients.  The monthly charge to the client is $400 or $4,800 a year.  Now, let’s say the copywriter has ten regular clients for a gross cash flow of $48,000 a year.  Not a lot of money,  but enough to live comfortably after all the necessary taxes and expenses are met.

The cash flow from the newsletter project creates a baseline, which will give the copywriter a certain degree of leverage when it comes to taking on one-off projects.  S/he can ask for and get premium rates because of the additional time the one-off projects will require.

There is a third option.  The cash flow from the ten clients can create the means to start a subscription newsletter on a subject that is a passion of the copywriter.  Travel, food, collecting, antiques, the quality of beer or wine?  Al most anything is possible.

As subscription project, in fact, is how a copywriter can earn six figures.  Own the product and market it to a like-minded group of subscribers.  A subscription price of $600/Year for 400 subscribers can produce a nice, six figure cash flow, and can be life changing.  All from ten clients.

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