Recently, my wife and I decided we wanted to move to a smaller community in south east Oregon.  We listed our home and started the process of qualifying to buy a new home.  We even picked out a home that was hard to sell because of its proximity to I-84 and its traffic noise.  Inside the home, it was quiet and comfortable.  Outside in the back yard was a completely different experience.

Everything was moving along nicely until Thursday morning, when all the financing collapsed.  There were several contributing factors, so no one issue stopped the forward momentum.

The goal to move hasn’t changed.  It has been set aside until sometime next year.  That will give us time to get all the financing to move set in place in advance, along with the logistics.  With another ten months to plan I may not be able to get all the ducks in a row, but I may be able to get most of them heading in the same direction.

I am also hoping that home prices may go down in a year.  Boise, Idaho, which is the closest major market, is hot right now with lots of people moving in.  That impacts home prices in communities within a 200-mile radius and, as a result, has impacted the home prices in the community we want to move to.

Over the next ten months I also need to establish a business model that does not rely on the local community.  In other words, I no longer want to be an employee.  I also don’t want to retire from the flow of life.

I need to create my own job as a writer, publisher and seminar promoter.  Not easy, of course, but the challenges, once over come will make moving to a new community a little easier and more comfortable.  I’ve been told life is meant to be an adventure, but REALLY!

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