Those are two words I use to challenge a marketing idea.  If I can read the copy and say “So What~” there is no connection to the needs and interests of the market.  No positive responses, no sales.

In order to get past the so what’s, the product needs a Unique Sales Proposition that convinces the target market they NEED the product or service.  Why?  Because the product adds value to the quality of their lives.  It solves a burning problem.  It creates a sense of health and well-being.  It makes them feel that the world is a safer, more loving place.

Not long ago I was watching two guests at the front desk of a hotel.  The first was shopping price and debated with the front desk agent over pennies.  The guest wanted a room, but didn’t need it, since there were several other options, some with lower prices.  Eventually, the guest left.

The second guest had just ended a day of hiking in the Olympic Forrest and was dead-dog tired and needed a place to sleep and recover.  She did not debate the price and, in fact, willing paid it.  I’m sure if the desk agent told her the night would cost her $1,000, she wouldn’t even blink.

When customers perceive that (your) product is the first, best option, they will pay whatever it takes to make that purchase (within reason, don’t get greedy).  When the need is ongoing, so is their willingness to buy month after month, year after year.

I’m reminded of the line in The Godfather.  “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”  Debate and points of negotiation disappear.  Accepting the God Fathers offer placed the product he was selling in a Unique Selling Proposition.  He believed in the value of his product and wanted the buyer to agree unconditionally.  So what becomes an unconditional YESS

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