During my college days I worked local art shows.  The artists spent the summer moving from one art show to another throughout the Northwest.  For some it was a part-time experience for extra income and the opportunity to travel.  Others were full-time, who took on commissions during the shows so they could continue to work through the winter months.

One artist in particular came to mind the other day because of how he marketed his toys.  Kids loved them and he was able to sell out his inventory by the end of the season.  What made his marketing interesting was how he kept in touch with his customers with a monthly postcard abd newsletter.

Starting in mid-October, he sent out an invitation to buy Christmas-oriented toys to his most loyal customers.  Keep in mind this was during the 1970s, before the convenience of an internet site and email distribution, so his marketing techniques were expensive.  The sales he realized, however, off-set the expense nicely.

He would also send out birthday cards, anniversary cards and congratulation letters for kids who graduated high school or college.

Over the course of time, he developed a mailing list of well over 5,000 loyal customers who kept him busy throughout the year.

Over the course of the art show season I worked with hundreds of artists.  Only a handful did any kind of year-long marketing.

Ongoing marketing is the keystone to success for artists and anyone who owns a micro=business.  It’s all about connections that lead to ongoing sales.

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