I’ve been reading websites by hypnotherapists, lately.  Almost all of them make some reference to “bad habits” but they don’t explain what makes them bad.  Is smoking bad?  From the point of view of how it impacts personal health, I could say yes.  Is drinking coffee black a bad habit?  I like black coffee and, aside from a caffeine rush, I see it as a good habit.

A bad habit is something we do that negatively impacts the quality of our lives.  At some point, however, the habit was a good thing because it helped us cope with a life experience or challenge.  As we age, however, we outgrow things from our past.

As a personal example, before going to Vietnam, I coped with the stresses of my life by working sixteen-hour days and drowning myself in work.  After Vietnam I developed a love affair with Vodka and Rum.  After giving up alcohol, I became a corporate employee.  At 62 I did the best I could to retire, but ended up working in a hotel.

The point is, as I moved through my life, I developed new habits to cope with each new experience and, where I could, I let some of my old habits go because they weren’t appropriate for what I was doing.  I guess I’m heavy into self-development and personal evolution.

Some habits, however, tend to be persistent.  I have a friend who moves every few years because things will be better in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bangkok, China.  Once he gets to his new home everything is great.  A year or two later, however, the stuff he was running from starts to surface and yet another move is planned.  I know the cause because we’ve had long conversations about it, but he isn’t ready to face the cause and resolve it.  (To change a habit, especially when it negatively impacts a lifestyle, its necessary to confront and resolve the cause or nothing changes).

I bring this up because I’ve used self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques throughout my life to make changes.  In fact, I even studied to be a hypnotherapist and was registered to practice in Washington state.  I never practiced because, at the time, I was working in the corporate world and had other priorities.

Now, at this point in my life, I may return to the practice of hypnotherapy, teaching self-hypnosis techniques and skills.  I haven’t made a clear decision to follow through, yet, but it is a point of consideration.  Darn, time to change habits again!

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