One of the biggest challenges to moving to a smaller community is deciding how I will make a living.  I’ve been an employee for most of my professional life, working as a technician, TV director/writer and a variety of other jobs.  I have ventured into the world of freelancing from time to time, but only as a side gig, nothing serious.

In my heart, I am a writer.  I especially enjoy fiction because I can be anyone, explore social issues through the characters of the story, and explore the past, future and even different dimensions.  Where I go, what I do and what I explore is limited only by my imagination.  Making a living at it is something entirely different.

That’s where the study of direct response copywriting comes into the picture.  Both styles of writing are an ongoing, lifetime study.  Writing fiction is fun, interesting and creative.  Copywriting pays the bills.  Both styles have their own techniques and disciplines which, once mastered, can compliment each other nicely (and profitably.)

My challenge is combining the two disciplines in a way that will let me create a comfortable lifestyle wherever I happen to be living.  The idea is to use the power of direct marketing to achieve four goals:

  1. Location Freedom:  I can work anywhere I can connect to the internet.
  2. Time Freedom:  I have the time necessary to write.
  3. Association Freedom:  Interacting with like-minded, creative people to share ideas.
  4. Financial Freedom:  I am my own boss, managing my personal and professional life as I see fit.

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