The first step to create an effective marketing campaign is research.  

**What are the beliefs o the market?  Do they want to change some aspect of their personal and professional life and, more important, do they believe its possible?

**What are the desires of the market?  Money, personal freedom, a more rewarding lifetyle or profession?

**What are the feelings of the market?  Everyone has anxieties when change is involved.  How will your product help them through the transition with a sense of self-confidence?

Now, make a promise and keep it.  Base the promise on the expectations of the target market.  Follow through to build trust and a sense of value in their minds.

ONE GOOD IDEA:  Let me show you how to turn a simple, 24-page booklet into a life changing business.

ONE CORE EMOTION:  Knowledge needs to be shared to be of value.  Something you can share may just change the course of some ones life.

ONE CAPTIVATING STORY:  My first booklet made $20,000 the very first year just from the sale of the booklet. That doesn’t include what I earned from lectures, workshops and seminars.

ONE DESIREABLE BENEFIT:  A booklet is more than just a bunch of words in a cover.  It is a calling card that establishes the depth of your expertise, and its ten times more effective than a business card.

ONE ENEVITABLE RESPONSE:  Click here right now to change your life!

To be effective, the promise and the information in the product need to match.  Make a promise, keep a promise and you can create a long-term business relationship that can last for years.

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