Depending on who you talk to, there are roughly 21 different copywriting formulas.  One of them even has 32 steps.

Effective copywriting is a kind of mix-and-match affair, since no one formula works every time, not even the classic A.I.D.A.

No matter how creative a copywriter gets, the A.I.D.A formula is still the baseline.

ATTENTION:  Here’s a problem – dingy whites and dull colors.

INFORMATION:  This soap, with its new, magical cleansing formula can make your white clothes whiter and your colors SPARKLE!

DIRECTION:  Drop every thing you’re doing right now.  Get in your car drive to the store and buy this soap.  Mention this commercial and get a second bottle FREE!

ACTION:  Hey!  I said do it NOW!  So what if the store is six miles away in rush hour traffic.  You want your clothes to sparkle.  MOVE IT!

OK, so I took a little license, but you get the idea.  Its a classic formula that can still work when matched with a market that needs the product and has a strong emotional connection to it.

Test yourself, for the fun of it.  Look at some of the other copywriting formulas I earmarked at the top of this column.  How would you rewrite the ad to make it stronger and more effective?

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