When I was in Vietnam I met a Buddhist monk.  From time to time, we would talk about philosophy and religion.  One day I asked him to explain Buddhism.

It took an hour, but he explained the basic tenants of the belief system in considerable detail.  Then he warned me that, to fully understand how the Buddhist beliefs were applied to everyday life would take a lifetime.

At first I didn’t believe him.  Now, however, at 71 I have come to understand about ten-percent of what he taught me.

What does that have to do with a business blog?

I can sit with you and explain the basic rules of copywriting and direct marketing in about an hour.  The rules are fairly straight forward and easy to understand.

Applying them is another matter.  Every market is different.  Every campaign is different.  In fact, what worked well last year may not work this year because of changes in the economy or one of a hundred other factors.

Understanding copywriting and how it applies to direct marketing is, literally, a lifetime study.

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