I Are Not A Guru!

A guru, in general, espouses a specific agenda.  In other words, follow the leader and don’t ask too many questions.

One of the best teachers I had in college was the late Dr, Willard Geer.  He invented one of the first electronic picture tubes called the Geer Tube (look it up.)

He was a  question machine and curious about everything.  Often when something new crossed his desk, there would be  list of fifty questions about how it was made, who made it, what kinds of materials were used, what was the math that defined its operation an so on. 

I never quite figured out which question he wanted answered first.

This brings me to my first lifestyle rule.  I want to question everything and find as many answers to the same question possible.

My habit, when I am viewing music videos is to find as many variations and interpretations of the same song possible.  I may not stop until I’ve found at least fifteen, just for the fun of finding them.

The same is true for any topic someone brings to my attention.  I will bookmark as many a twenty before I go back and review what I’ve found in detail.

Writing this blog lets me explore ideas and share them.  Over time, I will start charging for some of the information I find, but, for now, come back daily to see what I’ve found.

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