I was talking to my boss, yesterday (I work at a hotel) and asked him about a raise.  I brought the subject up about a week ago.  He said he hadn’t made up his mind, yet.

My past experience in the corporate world translates his comments to a “definite maybe” to “what ever I give you, it will be a token and not nearly enough.”

I not waiting with baited breath to find out.  All I know for sure is, whatever the outcome, I am planning my escape.  

How?  I like to write and I’ve always wanted to find a way to make a living at it independent of an employer.

Over my lifetime, I’ve written radio and TV commercials, news copy for those mediums and a newspaper or two, but always as an over worked, under paid, unappreciated employee.

It wasn’t until I hit seventy I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up – a well-paid, independent professional writer.  (Please note, I’ve tried growing up all my life.  It doesn’t seem to take.)

As this blog unfolds, I will share how I accomplish my goal.  Like anything of worth, it will take time and effort, but once the process is in motion and has gained momentum, the result should be a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I’ll toss around some ideas about the kind of lifestyle I want to lead from now on, then I will do the math and develop a strategy to get there.

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