Week In Review

Summer is over.  For the Pacific Northwest, we get summer from mid-July to about the first of September.  Sometimes we get temperatures in the eighties and nineties, but it rare.  Most of the time it overcast and raining.

I restarted this blog after several months of re-tooling to get it in compliance with national and international privacy regulations.  I’m sure more will be required, but, according to my webmaster, I’m OK.

I have finally worked out how the new Guttenberg program works for WordPress.  The first few days were tough-and-go.  I was told by my webmaster (just like every other engineer I’ve worked with) that the transition would be easy.  NOT!

I will be developing product over the next few months, but my next step is adding a shopping cart and learning yet another software.  I want to make the products I sell exclusive to this website.  I guess I kind of a control freak.

For the moment, I will be writing columns Monday through Friday.  I’m taking the weekends for the time being, mostly because its my blog and I can!

Halloween decoration are already out.  Christmas decorations should be out in the next two weeks or so.

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