The Myth Of Security

When my father returned to the workplace after World War 2, it was possible for him to stay with the same company for his entire working life.  

When I came back to Seattle after a tour in Vietnam, the business world had changed.  No more lifetime commitment.  In fact, at most I averaged about five years in any one company.

Most of the time I was fired, and not for anything I did or didn’t do.  It was just a reduction in force, a move in a different direction, or a revaluation of the market.  It really didn’t matter what the reasoning was.  I was fired.

Scary.  On Friday afternoon I was a valuable member of the team.  By nine Monday morning I was asked to pack my stuff and was escorted out of the building.  A real self-esteem builder!

In today’s world, automation is taking over the fast food industry.  Go to a fast food restaurant, order from a machine, pay the machine and have your order delivered by machine.  You still have to clean up your mess on your own.  They haven’t built a machine for that, yet.

Even some of the articles I see on the Internet are written by a computer.  Some of the language and spelling is unique, to say the least.  Human writers, at least at certain levels of the corporate world are giving way to automation.

Security is a myth, unless its created on a personal level.  In other words, create your own products or services, market them to a loyal market, expand it to the level of your personal tolerance and manage the financial results as conservatively as possible.

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