Its All About The Market

One of the cool things about being an engineer at a radio station is being able to watch stuff.

I was working at a personality station at the time and one of the sales people came back from a call and said the client didn’t want to buy because the DJ told a bad joke and played a song he didn’t like.

The salesman wore tailored suits, Rolex watches and drove an expensive car.  He had a talent for selling, except in this case.

The top salesman wore simple suits and drove a car that, I swear, didn’t have a muffler.  He made a second call to the client and closed the sale in an afternoon.

His focus was on the market.  Did the client want access to the three-million people who listened to the station from three to seven every afternoon.  He pointed out that the DJ would always tell bad jokes and the music, whatever the client thought of it, was why the audience listened to the station.

I’ve always taken that to heart when I work with a client.  Yes, I want the client to like what I write, but the market has to respond to the copy.  If they don’t make a purchase as a result of the ad campaign than the investment in time and effort is worthless.

There are clients who want what they want because they want what they want because they are paying for what they want.  I get that.  I wish them well and move to another project.

Those copywriters who rise to the top put the market first when they research a campaign.  There are hundreds of metrics that can be used to determine the effectiveness of an add campaign, but there is only one that counts.

Did the ad connect with the marketplace and result in sales.

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