Confessions of a Dollar Bill

Money is a scorecard, nothing more. Managed creativily it can transform your life and lifestyle. The challenage is creating a business that suits your talents, skills, and most important your temperament.

Business Ideas

The best way to create lifetime security is creating a business that creates a balanced lifestyle.


Effective marketing is the Keystone to the success for any business.


Learning never stops.  The best education is self-education.


Who are you, really?  Create your own economy and lifestyle.

Blog Posts

Sunday Comments: What Are You Selling?

What are today’s politicians selling? As a VOTER, who wants to elect someone I can TRUST to go to Washington DC to govern on the behalf of the Nation I want to know what they are selling. What ever the product is, I don’t trust it. When someone can’t or, in most cases...

I Exorcised My Computer

I exorcised my computer. There were ghosts hiding it in, thanks to Windows. One of them would take me offline at the most inconvenient times. Another would not let me see parts of one of my favorite websites. A third made printing an adventure in itself. Then I...

The Rules Of Negotiation

There are four rules in the negotiation process:  (1) my rules, (2) your rules, (3) our rules and (4) their rules.  At best, the result will a compromise.  Someone is going to be unhappy with the outcome. Here’s how it works: My Rules:  These are...

Pay Yourself FIRST!

Last week I shared a spreadsheet that calculated the cost of doing business as a copywriter.  The spreadsheet started with the most important part of a copywriting business, the writer’s fee/salary.  The rest of the spreadsheet dealt with the costs involved...

Ten-cents A Word?

I see a lot of ads for writers that pay ten-cents a word for up to 500-words.  Fifty dollars for a 500-word piece.  To make a living as a writer at that rate, requires considerable commitment.  Just to earn $2,000 a month requires a production schedule...


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Copywriting A B C's

(Always be closing)

Secrets of Successful Copywriting

The secret to successful selling begins with the buyers needs and what to they expect.  The greater the need, the stronger the connection between buyer and seller and the greater the potential for a sale.

Copywriters use words to create a rapport between a buyer and seller that can close sales in the short-term and and lead to a long-term business relationship. 

Contact me and lets talk about how to write copy that connects with the needs of your market and closes sales.

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