Confessions of a Dollar Bill

Money is a scorecard, nothing more. Managed creativily it can transform your life and lifestyle. The challenage is creating a business that suits your talents, skills, and most important your temperament.

Business Ideas

The best way to create lifetime security is creating a business that creates a balanced lifestyle.


Effective marketing is the Keystone to the success for any business.


Learning never stops.  The best education is self-education.


Who are you, really?  Create your own economy and comfort zone

Blog Posts

Start As You Intend To Continue

I have not made any promises with this blog.  I have said that, at some point I may start selling product, but that is currently under development and will happen when it happens. What you see, day to day, is how I intend to continue.  Some business ideas, copywriting...

Inspiration From A Mountain

Inspiration From A Mountain

I've lived in the Puget Sound region most of my life.  I like it here.  We get summer from mid-July to the first of September.  The rest of the time, its sometimes sunny, mostly overcast and raining. Here is what inspires me to stay: I took that picture of Mount...

Market First! Fun Second.

Redd Foxx was an entertainer whose shows could be quite explicit.  When he worked Las Vegas, however, he did three different shows a night. The first show was tame.  No swearing or blue language because it was performed early in the evening.  The second show was more...

Seven Simple Rules

Here are five simple rules I learned from the late J.F. (Jim) Straw, and a few of my own: START WITH A SMALL INVESTMENT:  $10 or less.  In today's marketplace the initial investment might be more on the order of $100 to $500. MAXIMUM RETURN:  $1,000 to $5,000 in...

Ideas That Didn’t Work

I wrote a postcard campaign, once that I thought was really cute for a pet store. They liked the idea, but not well enough to test it.  It started with a picture of a very sad dog with the following content: Mommy, I'm suffering from Treat Deficit Disorder.  I'm...


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Owning a business is becoming more and more important in today’s business environment.  Technology is changing how businesses are run, eliminating some jobs and creating new opportunities.  The information shared (and sold) here is about creating a business that can pay its expenses, pay you and create a cash reserve for future investment in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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